Lary and Michele Kuehn Creative Arts Scholarship

Lary and Michele Kuehn established the Lary and Michele Kuehn Creative Arts Scholarship in search of sophomore-level students enrolled at any campus of NCTC who think “outside of the box”. A student with a minimum of 30 earned collegiate credit hours with at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA in any discipline, with intent to advance to a four-year college, may apply for this scholarship. Students in STEM fields (including technological, horticultural, medical, equine and livestock majors) need to expand their creativity to excel in today’s challenging business environment. Liberal Arts students are urged to channel their inherent creativity to enhance their career path forward. The scholarship funds may be used for any course work, books, or collegiate expenses required to complete a NCTC Associate Degree. The criteria for scholarship selection lies with the creativity the student shows.

Requirements for this scholarship:
1) An essay (minimum of 250 words) explaining how the student meshes his/her “creative life” into his/her school curriculum.
2) A college transcript documenting 30 or more credit hours and a at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA
3) A “Portfolio” of two or more complete creative projects (no partial sample); the exception being a novel in which three or more chapters will constitute Portfolio examples. All projects should have been produced in the prior 18-24 months. Date documentation required as proof, but any awards or recognition from contest entries and/or rejection letters received from agents or publishers will prove valid commitment.
4) A letter from the Department Chair should be uploaded into the application. The staff member does not have to judge the applicant’s creativity, only that the applicant submitted the idea to him/her.
5) An uploaded Recommendation Letter either from the Department Chair or from some other personal source recommending the applicant for this scholarship.