Flora2000 Scholarship Program

At the heart of Flora2000 are elements that have been and continue to be integral to our growth as purveyors of fine florals. The very finest flowers from select regions; breathtaking floral compositions; elegant packaging and personalized service all come together to ensure that every shopping experience at Flora2000 is a moment to treasure.

To enter for a chance to win the ‘Flora2000 Scholarship Program’ ($1000 scholarship).please create a short video (no longer than 2 minute) answering the following questions:
-The joy of giving or receiving flowers.
-Your views on ‘Flowers are the perfect gift for a loved one’.

Upload the video to YouTube.
Create a Title as follows ‘Flora2000 Scholarship Program by [insert your name]’
Add a link to your YouTube description pointing to this page : https://www.flora2000.com/edu-scholarship.asp


Submit an essay with the following topic
The joy of giving or receiving flowers.
Your views on ‘Flowers are the perfect gift for a loved one’.

  • Minimum 3000 words. After you’ve completed the above, please send an email message to kate@flora2000.com, including 1. Link to your video OR 2. Your 3000 words essay along with the following information:
    Your full name
    Your phone number
    Your mailing address
    The name of the college or university you are enrolled in
    Proof of acceptance by your educational institution or of the fact that you are currently attending
    Your field of study

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