Each quarter beginning in Q1 2020, EduMed will award four $500 scholarships to students in healthcare or medical programs who have standout academic and career drive, financial need, and personal circumstances that make their situation unique. We hope that, by giving back, more and more talented students will find their way to classrooms, year-end graduations, and to rewarding healthcare careers across the U.S. One scholarship will be awarded in each of the following categories: Undergraduate, Graduate, Diversity, and Military.

In addition, we’ve just updated our list of healthcare scholarships offered by other organizations for the 2020 academic year. We’ve listed 50 of the top available scholarships across 7 different healthcare fields, including dental, nursing, medical assisting, and healthcare leadership. More details about EduMed scholarships (including application forms and deadlines) and our full list of third-party scholarships can be found at the link below. We encourage students to apply for both!

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