Creative Biolabs Scholarship

The Creative Biolabs scholarship is open on a global basis. To be eligible to receive a scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled as a freshman, undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. student at an accredited college or university.
  • Major in a science-related field such as Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Molecular Biology.
  • Earn a cumulative average grade of a B (3.0 GPA).


  • Completed Application
  • Copy of current transcript
  • Recommendation letter either from a teacher, school counselor, or community leader.
  • A written essay of 800-1,000 words or a PowerPoint of 10-12 pages with detailed lecture notes, which should be totally original and grammatically right. You must select one topic from below:
    Topics for your essay or PowerPoint:
    Overview on Clinical Applications of Oncolytic Viruses ▼
    Novel Gene Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy ▼
    Research Progress of mRNA Vaccine Delivery System ▼
    Overview on Clinical Applications of Stem Cell Therapy ▼

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